to peer or not to peer

Perhaps a strange topic name, but i’m a bit agitated with what is happening in networking world, a couple of days ago i was reading (and replied to) a tweet from AMS-IX, and that is usually not something what i do. Even more.. i’m not that kind of social guy, but what is going on ;s

Back in the day, peering was hot, peering was a way to talk directly to neighboring networks, today … not so much? Why am i even on an IXP today? Bandwidth prices are at an all time low, some really good networks are around today (and some really horrible ones). Today parties connect to an IXP and they don’t peer with each other any more, but with a Route Server, all cool stuff, but .. this is not IXPing, this is transit-per-port, and not peering as most networks send you a reply “We already see you through the RS” or “We don’t peer directly”, why are you on an IXP if you don’t do that?

Now the AMS-IX wants to “protect” dutch customers with a seperate-like VLAN, where only dutch ISPs connect on. What about the rest of your client base? They are paying the bill for this and are not able to use this? Why don’t you just stick by what you are supposed to do, creating and maintaining a interconnect platform for ISP’s to peer on.

AMS-IX, or any other exchange, especially in the Netherlands is becoming less and less attractive, due to the fact that the interesting parties don’t peer with you (because bandwidth is so cheap) or they want you to buy traffic from them (payed peering).. thus, to peer or not to peer.

Just my 2 cents.

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