to peer or not to peer

Perhaps a strange topic name, but i’m a bit agitated with what is happening in networking world, a couple of days ago i was reading (and replied to) a tweet from AMS-IX, and that is usually not something what i do. Even more.. i’m not that kind of social guy, but what is going on ;s Back in the day,…

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Some links

More information about: Juniper AppFormix Healthbot Juniper Northstar I will be adding as i go along 😉

Migrating off a big Layer2 domain

  Here is my lab: 4 x vMX 4 x Arista vEOS 4 x VPC MX configurations: interfaces { ge-0/0/0 { description “IX5 <> GLO”; mac 50:01:00:01:00:02; unit 0 { family inet { address; } family iso; family mpls; } } ge-0/0/1 { description “IX5 <> EN-1”; mac 50:01:00:01:00:03; unit 0 { family inet { address; } family…

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SSLLabs – Nagios check

I’ve created a SSLLabs check script for nagios, which alerts when SSL cyphers are lower than B. You can find the scripts at github. It’s not worlds most cleanest code, but it does the trick.